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bygan7am onPartyZone
best service in entire world

i love his service and i never face lag and delay on buttons
thank you partyzone

by2.0 onPartyZone
best service

i love dis service u can request any game and u can play it

byarash82 onPartyZone

thanks for allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

only party zone thank

byShima onPartyZone
Best service I've ever met

I met partyzone not so long ago and I can safely say that this is the best service I have met.

1. the order is always accepted (but there are exceptions) on time but if there are problems and they are very rare, the administration immediately solves them

2. responsiveness of the administration at the highest level

Special thanks to the guys from partyzone for giving me the opportunity to play games that I can't play

Good luck to everyone

byWelis75 onPartyZone
this is truly wonderful

All that you’re doing is really awesome and I have to thank you for this opportunity to play games in a potato pc at no cost THANK YOU BRO

(better late than never with this review)

byBadpooperninja onPartyZone

Partyzone is amazing.If you request a game then he will let you play but it isn't like other people.When I you play the game It felt like It was on a real console.It was at 60fps with no noticeble lag.

byJohnny Joestar onPartyZone

Хочу высказать все. Спасибо вам за то что создали сервис, вы радуете людей и даете им играть в то, что их компьютер не может позволить. Спасибо вам, Partyzone. Спасибо за всё что вы сделали людям и мне. :)

Подпись: Джонни Джостар

byguizu onPartyZone

Bro this guy is awesome

byMáqD onPartyZone
Party Zone is great

Just would like to thank all the people from PZ, for their efforts, patience and "service". One of the greatest things on parsec is the sharing thing. Sharing your games, interacting with people from all around the world, etc. PZ shares their games and resources and help people play all kinds of games. I think i'd never play MK11 if it wasn't for their initiative. Thank u very much, and keep up the good work.

byПожылая редиска(Ridem) onPartyZone
from mk 11

Спасибо проекту PartyZone,у меня не особо мощный пк,но вы мне дали возможность поиграть во всякие разные игры тот же Dying Light например,вообщем я остался доволен)

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